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Professional websites built using a WordPress platform which allows you to easily edit and maintain content yourself after go live.

Every business has a slightly different purpose online, once we know what you need to achieve then we work backwards to plan the look and layout especially of the home page, as it’s here you need to make an instant impact and entice them to take the next step, whether that’s to contact you, to visit your products or take another action.

When a site is built with purpose there is planning goes into the layout of your home page because not only should it look great, but it also needs to function and serve a purpose for your business.

Depending on your business model you may need ongoing maintenance and we can provide that at an adhoc basis or an ongoing monthly arrangement.

Due to the nature of software and how fast it evolves, it is recommended to keep your WordPress website and plugins up to date for security reasons. You ultimately choose how much time you want to invest in ongoing maintenance but owning a website is a lot like owning a car, if you don’t regularly service it then you are setting yourself up for a big service in the future, or risking a breakdown which could cause massive impact to your business – especially if you sell products and can’t afford downtime.

Prevention is always better than spending extra time and money later to diagnose issues and then fix them.

Social Media is a powerful online medium for any business. We can setup a branded social media package and connect all the sites so you just do one update that posts out to all sites saving you time. Your social sites also link back and forward with your website.

Facebook is one of the most powerful social sites and we can setup very targeted, low cost adverts to attract either new followers to your Facebook page or we can send them directly to a landing page on your website.

We can also setup a Facebook landing page inside Facebook which captures new client leads that you can market too. So you would have adverts that lead them to a Facebook landing page that captures their interest, they would enter their details into a form which you receive an email notification from. It depends on your business and what you are trying to achieve but there are many different options to attract new customers.

Email Marketing allows you to send professionally branded emails to all your clients at once. These bulk emails are an easy way to quickly send a message to all your followers at once or to a select group of people. Email Marketing subconsciously means your business stays top of your clients mind.

You should keep your emails informative rather than a sales pitch and make sure you don’t send too many. Occasional, informative emails are appreciated but too many emails is considered annoying and people will unsubscribe.

There’s a lot of compelling evidence to suggest having video on your website helps increase engagement. Video says a thousand words, in fact research shows 1.8 million words is the value of a one minute video. People are visual and they remember video much easier than remembering words.

Video helps people connect with your business on a more personalised level. 64% of people are more likely to buy a product on an eCommerce website after they watch a video about it and 90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website say they find video helpful in making a decision to buy.

You can invest a large budget into professional video and we suggest you do if you can, but because we provide services for SME businesses we also provide a low cost video service, where you provide your own video footage and any images, and we cut the video together for you.

No matter what industry your business is in…
Online Marketing is your most powerful advertising outlet!

Is WebDesignIT the right fit for your business?

WebDesignIT has been in operation since 2008 and slowly grown over the years. As a business owner we recommend you do your research and choose wisely when finding the right web design business to work with. There are many different business models and website solutions available today and depending on your long term goals, it does make sense to invest in a solution that will see you well into the future, not just a quick, cheap option that doesn’t provide results.

Our ideal clients are small to medium size businesses who understand the value of online marketing and want results. WebDesignIT strive to continuously provide high quality website strategies at affordable prices. There is no point investing in a low end, DIY type website if you are looking for results, or a web solution where you are locked onto their platform with extra, ongoing costs that you weren’t initially aware of – these appealing websites on first glance will cost you more in the long run, so if you are shopping around please make sure you ask lots of questions and understand exactly what you are being offered.

We provide professional solutions that are investing in your businesses future, not only for tomorrow but for years to come.


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