Life is Short…

I’m 31 today and so, so grateful to be alive and thriving… here are some thoughts and a little story from me….


Don’t ever take any second of any day for granted and don’t ever take anyone in your life around you for granted.


Make every moment special, pause on every goodbye as if it were your last and make sure they know how much you love them. Make every hello a celebration of how special that other person is to you. Start every day fresh with a clean slate and a big smile. Don’t hold grudges, the past is gone, the future isn’t here yet, and honestly you just have this moment right now!


I just did a Yoga class where we did partner Yoga at the end and I was partnered with a sweet soul from Sri Lanka.  As I sat back to back with her, I felt such sadness and this deep, dark emptiness. As we connected I sent her great waves of loving energy. Not too long after she turned around to me and said, “I’ve just lost my husband” and continued to tell me how they’d just been on holiday in NZ, then returned home and basically he dropped dead and her world’s been turned upside down in an instance. This literally happened a couple of weeks ago and her energy was so raw and lost. He wasn’t old and at the hospital they didn’t give her much explanation, only handed her his wedding ring and gold chain that she now wears around her neck, as they said to her ‘he’s gone’.


Of course death is the only guaranteed thing for all of us in life, it’s not a case of if, it’s a case of when. This thought shouldn’t leave us in fear but should push us to live every second of every day!!!!!!!!!  If you stop to reflect right now and think, would I be happy to die tomorrow and you feel thoughts bubbling up inside as there are things left uncompleted, unsaid and undone, then do them, write a bucket list! If you don’t have time, then just get up earlier. Honestly life is so short and every day is such a blessing and it’s time to start living that way.


You come here alone and leave alone and you write a story in between, if your story isn’t finished yet then make sure you get focused on what you want to achieve in between! We are all creators writing a different story, stay focused on yours and keep out of other peoples story, it’s not yours and they’ll write it differently anyway and that’s ok. Your job is not to judge another, we all have different reasons for writing what we write, doing what we do, and honestly most of the time we have no idea where another person has come from or been through or understand why they write the way they do, or do the way they do. Our frustration watching another is our frustration, nothing to do with them.


Send love and guidance from a distance but honestly people will journey at their own pace anyway, just guide and support them, don’t rush them. We are all at different places and spaces, don’t compare, only compare yourself with your yesterday and work on your own personal growth, hopefully you are getting older and wiser, and growing and changing, and reflecting and guiding, and journeying through this beautiful, short thing we call life.


Just focus on your own story and write it with love!!! The world needs so much more love, honestly it’s the answer to everything, just love and love some more and your pain and problems will start to dissolve.


My story is not yet finished and as I venture further into my 30’s I feel overwhelmed with love, blessings and such a bright future ahead… I look forward to reading more about your story from a far, so continue making it a good one!!!



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