About Jodie

Owner/Operator | Web Developer
Jodie Ross
Bachelor of Digital Media (BDM)

I believe in doing it right the first time! Growing up on a large farm in NZ taught me great work ethic, it’s always kept me grounded and I love having my bare feet planted deep in mother nature, usually on the Beach or in the Ocean. After 3 years study I was qualified with my Degree in Digital Media and spent the next 10 years living in Australia, working in the web design industry and learning all the tricks of the trade from many avenues. I love learning, continually researching and if there is something I don’t know, I seek to find the answers – I’ve always been the inquisitive type.

I feel extremely lucky to have worked in the past for web companies who had big emphasis on growth, through training of staff and developing their business model to continually improve services to their clients and I’m excited to be providing similar services to my clients. They’ve allowed me to work on hundreds of web projects for companies all over the world which has provided experience, skills and opportunity. When it comes to web design I feel blessed to have a strong intuition which does help when listening, understanding and interpreting a clients ideas and purpose to make that vision come to life.

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